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Dealing with agricultural products in Carsamba District of Samsun Province for 60 years, the family has traded numerous agricultural products especially of hazelnuts and maintained their investments accordingly. In 1986, the first hazelnut cracking factory was founded and it started to serve for domestic and foreign markets.

One of the largest nut cracking plants in Turkey was founded in 2000 (250 tons/day) and it has continued to grow in the industry. The investment in the nut processing plant was initiated with Yılmaz Fındık Entegre A.Ş. founded in 2014 and our processed nut facility was opened in 2016 under YFE and MAYHAZ brands. By the increase in our export and production rates, our hazelnut cracking factory with the daily capacity of 300 tons has been established in 2019 whereas it has become the largest hazelnut cracking factory in the industry with the total capacity of 550 tons.

The company, which has further investments in the rice sector in addition to hazelnuts, has maintained cracked rice trade since early 1990s by establishing a rice plant in Uzunkopru / Edirne in 2008. It continues to serve in the rice industry with its Sambak and Sam&Sun brands.

Grow for our business


Providing value for our region, our suppliers and business partners by satisfying the need for hazelnuts through our investments.
What makes us different ?


To be the first company that comes to mind regarding hazelnut and chocolate industry with our brand name integrated with health, quality and reliability.
Our Values

Our Values

Customer Focus
Receiving customer feedback and complaints with a friendly attitude and transforming them into improvement opportunities Protecting company principles in customer relationships Winning customers and leading brand promotion activities

Human Focus
Ensuring the participation of our employees and encouraging team work Increasing the effectiveness of internal communication Establishing the internal training system and creating a communal learning culture

Process and Information Focus
Creating short, medium and long-term strategies and business plans Concentrating in error-free process design Ensuring the spread of succesful and effective applications within the company Supplier activities for improvement.
Özyılmaz Fındık Fabrikası, Yılmaz Fındık Entegre, Mayhaz, Sambak