Shelled Hazelnut

Shelled Hazelnut

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Round Nuts (Plump Nuts): They are spherical hazelnuts with almost the same length, width and thickness. They are generally medium sized with high quality varieties. Internal yield (yield), oil and protein ratios are high. All varieties that can be easily diced and bleached are under this group. Due to their round shape, they are suitable for cracking. Giresun Tombul Hazelnut, which is also included in this group, is the most superior variety in the world. In addition, Palaz, Mincane, Foşa, Kan, Çakıldak and Kara types are also included in this group.

Pointed Hazelnuts: They are varieties whose length is slightly more than their width and thickness. This type of hazelnut brings more waste during crushing. For this reason, they are mostly marketed as shelled. There are varieties such as Sivri and İncekara.

Almond Nuts:
They are varieties whose length is much more than their thickness and width. They are generally large and showy, but with low quality varieties. They are not suitable for cracking and processing. They are consumed as shelled, without drying, as a snack. There are two types as Round Almond and Flat Almond.

    • DescriptionHazelnut with shell intact surrounding the kernel
    • TypeLevant (Ordu), Giresun, Akçakoca
    • Size17 mm +, 18 mm +, 19 mm +
    • Packaging Forms20 - 50 - 75 kg jute bags
    • UseSnack as unsalted, roasted or roasted and salted.
    • FunctionLonger shelf life
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